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MGMT Gene Methylation Detection Kit

(RealTime PCR)


Chemotherapy and Personalized Treatment

O6-Methylguanine DNA-Methyltransferase (O6-Methylguanine DNA-Methyltransferase, MGMT) is a highly efficient DNA repair enzyme that can repair the damage to the tumor cell DNA caused by alkylating drugs in chemotherapy. A certain level of MGMT activity in cells may lead to drug resistance.

MGMT's repair of alkylating agent damage makes it play a dual role in tumor chemotherapy: on the one hand, it protects normal tissues from alkylating agent damage and secondary cancer. On the other hand, it causes the resistance of tumor tissue to alkylating agent chemotherapeutics.

DNA methylation is closely related to the occurrence and development of glioma.The“Guidelines for Detection Technology of Tumor Individualized Therapy” states that patients with methylation of the MGMT gene will be benefit from temozolomide treatment.

Hegi M E, et al. The New England Jjournal of Medicine, 2005, 352(10):997


Product NameCore TechnologyProduct SpecificationMatched InstrumentSample Type

Human MGMT 

Gene Methylation 

Detection Kit

PAP-ARMS®24 tests/kit



tumor tissue

Detection Significance

•  MGMT methylation indicates patients will be sensitive to temozolomide chemotherapy, which is helpful for clinical selection of suitable treatments.

• MGMT methylation may suggests a better prognosis.

Accuracy and Reliability: Detection with closed tubes. Require no special treatment of the products.

Easy operation: One-step operation. 90 minutes of the whole process.

Good Reproducibility: Can be performed in the general PCR Labs. Results with good reproducibility can be easily obtained without special training.

Advanced Technology: R&D based on independent patented PAP-ARMS® technology.

Detection Process