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Excellent! Full scores of Xiamen SpaceSeq MedLab passed the NCCL inter-laboratory quality evaluation and was continuously recognized by authoritative organizations

News source: Release time:[2024-07-04]

Recently, Xiamen SpaceSeq MedLab (abbreviated as "SpaceSeq Medicine"), a subsidiary of SPACEGEN Biology, successfully passed the inter-laboratory quality evaluation of "high-throughput sequencing Detection of Tumor Free DNA Gene Mutation" organized by National Health and Family Planning Commission Clinical Laboratory (NCCL) with full marks.


NCCL, established by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, is an authoritative organization for clinical laboratory quality management in China. Its clinical evaluation results have always been considered as an important standard to measure the technical level and service quality of laboratories. This time, SpaceSeq Medicine was able to pass the NCCL's "National Interstitial Assessment of Tumor Free DNA Gene Mutation high-throughput sequencing Detection Room" room-based assessment in full, once again proving that SpaceSeq Medicine has strong capability and expertise in solid tumor free DNA detection and has been fully affirmed by national authoritative organization.


Tumor free DNA is mainly fragmented genomic DNA released after the rupture of dead tumor cells, and is one of the main means of liquid biopsy, with wide clinical application prospects in tumor early screening, targeted drug guidance, prognosis evaluation and drug resistance monitoring.


Inter-laboratory quality evaluation plan for tumor free DNA gene mutation high-throughput sequencing test is an important means to ensure the test quality of each clinical laboratory. It can determine the ability of participating laboratories to detect tumor free DNA gene mutation high-throughput sequencing, find common problems existing in the detection and special problems existing in some laboratories, and thus promote the improvement of the detection level in the laboratory.


The full scores were assessed through the NCCL room rating system, fully demonstrating the outstanding strength of SpaceSeq Medicine in the field of accurate diagnosis. In the future, SpaceSeq Medicine will continue to devote itself to technological innovation and service optimization, to provide more scientific and accurate protection for clinical diagnosis and treatment, and to contribute to the realization of precision medicine!


For a long time, SPACEGEN Biological has carried out strict standardized management with high quality and high standards, established and improved the quality system and standardized sample quality control process, and obtained full scores in multiple test items in the inter-laboratory quality evaluation organized by domestic and foreign institutions for consecutive years, demonstrating the professional and hard strength of the whole process quality control system of SPACEGEN Biological's inspection laboratories.

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