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Departure at the starry night, come back with triumph, welcome the safe return of the heroes of the war against the epidemic

News source: Release time:[2022-06-16]

Fleeting years, playing a soul-stirring battle song,Collect heroes and write an epic about fighting the epidemic with one heart.



When Shanghai was unblocked, it was also the day of triumph for the heroes of the war against the epidemic. From the turbulent outbreak of the epidemic, to the dynamic clearing of Shanghai, to the announcement of an orderly "unblocking", several heroes of Spacegen Medical Laboratory have been fighting around the clock for 60 days. They traveled thousands of miles and returned to Xiamen safely.


When I left, I swore an oath, and when I returned, there was thunderous applause. We greeted the victory of the anti-epidemic heroes with warm applause, and presented bouquets of flowers in our hands. At this moment, we pay tribute to the most beautiful heroes.




Previously, the epidemic in Shanghai was ferocious and the situation was complicated and changeable. As a social unit for epidemic prevention and control, Spacegen Medical Laboratory has assembled several Spacegenpeople with rich anti-epidemic experience to form an "iron army" team that can endure hardships and fight especially, rushed to the rescue overnight, and helped the epidemic with "flesh and blood" prevention and control.


The epidemic continues, and the "Shanghai" will not stop. The mobile cabin laboratory is "non-stop" day and night. Spacegen people are willing to be "no returners" to fight the epidemic. They give up rest and choose to persevere; they give up coolness and choose heat; they give up comfort and choose to move forward. With the combination of "Iron Army + Fangcang", they formed a battle fortress to defend "Shanghai" and prevent the epidemic quickly.



In this busy season,

Heroes fight against the "epidemic" return,

thank you all!

protect life with life,

safe trip home,

represents all meanings