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Endometrial Cancer Molecular Classification Gene Mutation Detection Kit

 (High Throughput Sequencing)


Endometrial cancer is the most common malignant tumor of the female reproductive system in developed countries.Factors related to endometrial cancer: 1. Obesity> 23kg of normal weight, the risk increases by 10 times; 2. Women who have not given birth and infertility; 3. Patients with functional ovarian tumors (granulocytoma); 4. Long-term use of females hormones; 5. Genetic factors, family history of colon cancer (lynch syndrome).

In 2013, the Tumor Gene Atlas Research Network (TCGA) studied 373 cases of endometrial cancer, using genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics methods to analyze mutation lineage, microsatellite instability (MSI), somatic cell copy Number changes (SCNAs), etc., TCGA proposes to divide endometrial cancer into four categories: (1) POLE ultramutated.(2) microsatellite instability hypermutated (MSI-H).(3) copy number low (CN-L) .(4) copy number high (CN-H)

    Nature497, 67–73 (2013).

(2) NCCN recommends molecular classification detection

(3) Significance of molecular classification


Treatment Guidance

POLE Ultramutated

1. Considering of conservative treatments for fertility plans.

2. Low risk of lymph node metastasis, don’t have to remove the lymph nodes.

3. May not require adjuvant treatments after surgery.

4. Potential users of immunotherapy/PARPi.

microsatellite instability 

hypermutated (MSI-H)

1.Low risk of lymph node metastasis.

2.May benefit from immunotherapy.

copy number low (CN-L) 

1. Low lymph node metastasis.

2. Considering of conservative treatments for fertility plans.

copy number high (CN-H) 

1. Higher lymph node metastasis.

2. conservative treatments will not be recommended.

3. Adjuvant treatments are recommended.

Product Parameter

       Project name




        Sample Type

Endometrial Cancer

Molecular Classifi

cation Gene Mutation

Detection Kit


            16 tests/kit

            32 tests/kit

             Ion Torrent,


FFPE, flash tissue

+ blood/Oral


Product Highlights

Scientific and Rigorous: Molecular classification for Endometrial Cancer is included in NCCN guidelines.

Rapid Detection: Library construction need only 3.5 hours,2 steps.

High Sensitivity: The sequencing depth is up to 5000X, the sensitivity can reach as low as 1%.

Compreh ensive Detection: Detection of 11 genes and MSI loci related to themolecular classification of endometrial cancer at one time.